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Ola Michalec

Ola MichalecOla (Aleksandra) Michalec is a first year PhD student at the University of West of England, UK. She is investigating nexus-pathways to a low carbon future in the Bristol region.

Her long-standing passion for the outdoors led her to study Physical Geography and Geology at the University of Manchester. While complimentary field trips reinforced her interest in the environment, numerous career networking events featuring mainly fossil fuel corporations eventually led her to thinking that “there must be some other ways” to develop a career after a supposedly environmentally-friendly degree.

After graduating in 2014, Ola moved to Bristol to work in the local council on the attitudes toward sustainable transport. For over a year, she has been engaging with hundreds of businesses across Bristol promoting cycling and upcoming public transport improvements. Several months spent in the public service gave her valuable insights into the notion of acceptability of policies, communication of environmental issues and finally, numerous nexus intricacies tied to the carbon footprint of the cities.

In her spare time, Ola got involved with the Schumacher Institute for Systems Thinking. Discovering the work of E.F. Schumacher has been pivotal in her attitude to research and a stepping stone for the PhD work. Currently, Ola hopes that with the nexus framework she will be able to embrace the uncertainties of her project and make more sense of the complexities related to the trade-offs between energy, water and food.

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