Ecosystems and the mitigation and management of zoonoses

A new article published in Environmental Science & Policy explores the role of ecosystems in the mitigation and management of COVID-19 and other zoonoses.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased international concern about the zoonotic (animal-to-human) origins of many global pandemics. This article looks at the human pressures contributing to the degradation of ecosystems, which contributes to reductions in the natural capacities of ecosystem services to regulate disease transfer from animals to humans.

The article was co-written by Dr Mark Everard and Prof Chad Staddon (International Water Security Network/University of the West of England), with Dr Paul Johnston and Dr David Santillo (Greenpeace Research Laboratories at the University of Exeter).

  • Mark Everard, Paul Johnston, David Santillo, Chad Staddon. The role of ecosystems in mitigation and management of Covid-19 and other zoonoses. Environmental Science and Policy. Volume 111, September 2020. pp.7-17.

(Media coverage of this paper appeared in the Hindustan Times and Science Daily)