Institute of Natural Resources begins collaboration with IWSN

INReditThe Institute of Natural Resources (INR) recently started working with the International Water Security Network and is making an invaluable contribution with its extensive network of South African collaborators. Established 35 years ago as a partnership between the University of Natal and philanthropist Ernst Taeuber, the INR is now a fully independent non-profit applied research organisation. It counts amongst its clients, funders and partners USAID, the national Water Research Commission, EU, University of the West of England, Monash South Africa and the Lesotho Highlands Development Authority.

Three members of the IWSN project team have strong links with the INR. Professor Charles Breen was the former Executive Director, Duncan Hay is the current Executive Director and Patrick Martel is a research intern.

In partnership with government, civil society, the private sector and other leading research organisations the INR develops cutting edge solutions to and supports the resolution of natural resource challenges; it provides advice to practitioners, researchers and policy makers; it integrates effort; it builds the capacity of graduate professionals to operate effectively in the workplace; and advocates an environmentally secure future for all.

In the context of IWSN the Institute is supporting efforts to improve water quality security in the uMngeni River Basin which contains South Africa’s third largest economy. It does this through applied research, direct operational and policy support, and advocacy.

The Institute comprises a staff of 26 people and is located in a precinct of three historic homes surrounded by an indigenous garden adjacent to the campus of the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.