IWSN-funded MPhil students discuss their studies

Five Master of Philosophy students at Monash South Africa, whose tuition has been paid by the International Water Security Network (IWSN), talk about their course in Integrated Water Resource Management, their previous studies and their ambitions for the future:

Nyaradzo NazareNyaradzo edit
I was attracted to the Master of Philosophy in Integrated Water Management because it is an interdisciplinary program encompassing aspects of water management that I find particularly interesting. These areas include water governance and sustainable water development. The program also appealed to me because it provides an opportunity to further my academic exposure and to broaden my knowledge of water management.

Having a program that focuses on a developing economy such as South Africa will allow me to learn the technical aspects of water management in an environment whose learnings I can transfer more easily to my home country. I am particularly looking forward to meeting and learning from new people who come from diverse backgrounds: students, academics, researchers and other professionals alike. I aspire to make valuable contributions to water governance and policy design and implementation in Zimbabwe and I strongly believe that this program and experience will strongly equip me to achieve this goal. I would ultimately want my home country to achieve better and more sustainable water management thus making this investment worthwhile.

I was honored to receive the Water Security scholarship because it has given me the means to accomplish my dream, without which I would not have been able to participate in this program. I am excited about the journey ahead and look forward to seeing how the next two years unfold.

Nkosinomusa Nonhlanhla NcubeNkosinomusa edit
After I completed my first degree at Monash South Africa, a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Geography and Environmental Science, deciding what my Honours thesis topic would be was not very difficult. Coming from Zimbabwe, which like many other Sub-Saharan countries is water scarce, issues such as water availability, quality, conservation and use have become subjects close to my heart and I knew that was my field of interest. My Honours thesis topic was ‘Water use and conservation practices of primary schools in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.’

Through the provision of a full tuition bursary from Monash South Africa and a partial accommodation bursary from the Water Node I have been given the opportunity to further my studies in the field of water through the Master of Philosophy in Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM). Not only am I privileged to be part of an internationally recognised program but through the MPhil in IWRM I also have access to numerous international and local water institutions, giving me the opportunity to build networks for future employment and research collaborations. IWRM is the foundation and gateway to my aspiration to become a water leader who will make a significant and positive impact on the integrated and comprehensive management of water resources not only in my country but also in Sub-Saharan Africa and globally.

Busani Masiri
With my career increasingly focusing on the treatment and distribution of both domestic and industrial water, I realised a need for me to widen my knowledge on water, the policies that govern its use and the impact of the industrial activity on water as a central resource. I reckoned the MPhil in Integrated Water Management was going to give me the necessary skills and knowledge necessary for active participation in socio-economic development. From this programme I expect to get a grasp of policy formulation and its effective implementation.

Besides providing me with the chance to study at a world class institute, the Water Security Scholarship has given me an opportunity to interact with academics and professionals in the water sector through collaborative research with other universities, workshops and seminars. This will broaden my knowledge in the subject matter.

Agness Christine Musutu
In an increasingly competitive world where the desire for education and employment is at an all-time high, it is a rare privilege to get the opportunity to get to study exactly what you want and are interested in.

The water security scholarship through Monash University has made this possible for me. It is a widely recognized program which will further my career and make me an outstanding performer in my field.

The scholarship has opened doors that would have been otherwise impossible. Instead of focusing more on my financial limitations, I am able to participate and concentrate on the activities that will make my education easier.

I am truly honoured to have this opportunity, it is a dream come true.

Jitender Taneja

JitenderI am the only student from Asia to have been selected for the M.Phil in Integrated Water Management course offered by Monash South Africa. It is a pleasure to come to South Africa. I received a very warm welcome from my Professor and colleagues. I am also thankful to the Lloyd’s Register Foundation for funding my entire research degree. The Water Security Scholarship is a turning point in my life and I amĀ  sure that I will make the maximum out of it. This scholarship has given me a chance to do my higher studies at one of the best Universities.

I am from New Delhi, the capital city of India. I have travelled in India and observed the many issues related to water management. This course will definitely help me to understand these issues and their solutions in a better way. Being at Monash has given me more confidence for my future and I am proud to be a part of Monash. I wish good luck to the scientists all over the world working hard in the field of water management.