IWSN researchers to discuss water and marine security at Bristol Bright Night

sdEMaGAaThree researchers from the International Water Security Network will be giving talks on water security as part of Bristol Bright Night.

Bright Night takes place on Friday 25 September 2015 and gives members of the public the opportunity to find out about the research being undertaken in the city. There is an event for schools, a talks programme and lots of interactive activities.

The IWSN water and marine security talks begin at 7:30pm in At-Bristol’s Learning Room 1. They will cover:

Thirsty Cities: will we run out of water? – Chad Staddon
As cities grow ever larger and predictions about climate change ever more frightening, it is time to ask the question:  “are we running out of water”?  Drawing on case studies from around the world I argue that although we face huge challenges, few places in the world are at risk of “running out” of water. The realities of our changing water situation are much more interesting and varied than that. In particular it may be that our burgeoning cities hold the key both to understanding the crisis and to resolving it.

Water security: are we tackling it from the right end? – Mark Everard
The burgeoning global population is facing increasing water stress, with some innovative schemes around the world focusing on recharging depleted resources rather than finding more innovative ways to exploit them. For both water resource security and flood risk, retaining water within ecosystems represents a more strategic solution with many co-benefits. We have much to learn about tackling these linked issues systemically, “from the right end” rather than addressing symptoms.

Management of UK marine waters – science or security? – Tom Appleby
This talk will share the experience of the local communities who took on the Scottish government to change the marine laws, so that a marine protected area was established around the Isle of Arran in Scotland. Using this as a case-study the talk will explore the broader lessons for marine management. Dr Tom Appleby is a legal researcher in marine protected areas and has been involved in a number of high profile legal actions with the Marine Conservation Society, Greenpeace and other organisations.

Tickets are free and available here.