PhD student Navin Ramroop successfully defends thesis

Congratulations to UWE Bristol student Navin Ramroop, who successfully defended his PhD thesis – Development of Design Criteria for Novel 3-D Printed Quadric-Surfaced Sludge Digesters within Wastewater Infrastructure – in December 2019.

Quadric surfaced sludge digesters have become a cost-effective alternative to traditional cylindrical tanks. Navin’s research looked at a novel 3D-printed polymer digester that could reduce the construction cost, making it ideal for use in developing small island states in the Caribbean. Since the Caribbean is seismically active, the dynamic response of this digester was also investigated.

Navin is currently an instructor at the University of Trinidad and Tobago where he lectures on structural analysis and computer modelling and structural engineering design. He has over ten years professional experience as a structural engineer working on various projects within Trinidad and Tobago and throughout the Caribbean islands. Navin holds a BSc in Civil Engineering from the University of the West Indies as well as an MSc in Structural Engineering from the University of Surrey.

Navin’s supervisory team included Director of Studies Dr Kiran Tota-Maharaj, and Dr Ghassan Nounu (UWE Bristol).