Re-Imagining Urban Waters event in Bristol

A workshop on issues around urban water, organised by lecturers from the University of the West of England, takes place at the Watershed in Bristol on Friday 3 July.

Human relationships with water are increasingly becoming the focus of academic, political, and public debates. This workshop aims to consider questions about the hydro-social relationships of the future and open discussions about progressive approaches to living with and managing urban waters. It will bring together academics, community organisers, and practitioners to engage in critical dialogue to challenge contemporary urban water management practice and consider ways in which we might engage with, participate in, and manage urban waters in the future.

Questions to be considered include:

  • How can we live with more and/or less water in the urban environments of the future?
  • What human values and non-human actions will shape future discourses on urban water?
  • What are the possibilities for more environmentally and socially just relationships with water?
  • What socio-technical waterscapes and hydro-publics might emerge?
  • What kinds of relationships need to be cultivated to move toward water sensitive cities?
  • Can resilience be more than bouncing back?
  • Where and how are informal and experimental practices offering alternative solutions?

For more information, visit the workshop website.

If you would like to participate in this workshop and/or have an idea to contribute please get in touch with the organisers, and