Survey on perceptions of drinking water launched

Bristol Water fountain, Millennium Square

A student at the University of the West of England has launched a survey to find out about people’s water drinking habits and their opinion on drinking water fountains. Joe Thomas, studying for an MSc in Environmental Consultancy, is exploring the benefits from, and obstacles to, providing publicly available water, which may exist as drinking water fountains or alternatives such as the Refill scheme, where people can obtain free water from participating businesses.

He has compiled this questionnaire in order to gain a better understanding of public opinion, and thus gauge the demand for drinking water fountains.

After investigating the cultural importance of water in Europe and other cities worldwide, it is clear that there is popular demand for drinking water fountains, but a similar relationship between the public and drinking water is not as obvious in the UK. It is therefore necessary to conduct a survey which effectively captures the beliefs and behaviours of people to maximise utilisation of drinking water fountains.

If you live in the UK and would like to take part in the research, click here.