Water Security issue of IES journal now online

Environmental Scientist coverIn 2014, the International Water Security Network was invited by the Institution of Environmental Sciences to provide the content for their environmental SCIENTIST issue on Water Security.

The Guest Editor was our own Dr Enda Hayes from UWE with academic colleagues and students from UWE, University of Arizona and Monash South Africa all submitting articles. The articles in this issue of the environmental SCIENTIST provide insights into the many complex challenges and considerations that need to be addressed if we are to achieve global water security – from the impacts of waste disposal and abstraction on water quality and quantity, to the inherent difficulties and limitations of measuring water security and predicting future development paths and challenges.

An electronic version of this Water Security Issue can be found here.


  • Water security for nature and people – Mark Everard
  • Water security: A complex systems and governance perspective – Bimo Nkhata, Charles Breen and Duncan Hay
  • Urban water security as a function of the ‘Urban Hydrosocial Transition’ – Chad Staddon and Sean Langberg
  • Urban water security: LCA and sanitary waste management – Hazem Gouda
  • Return to Eden: management of inshore and intertidal marine environment – Tom Appleby
  • The water-energy-food nexus – balancing our (in)securitities – Enda Hayes and Damian Crilly
  • Measuring water security: An assessment of the 2013 Asian Development Bank Outlook National Water Security Index – Bhuwan Thapa, Robert Varady and Christopher Scott
  • Improving water quality security through self-governance – Bimo Nkhata, Charles Breen and Duncan Hay
  • Water security and shale gas exploration in the UK – Jenna Brown, Chad Staddon and Enda Hayes
  • Water security through integrated local delivery – Lorraine De Souza
  • Helping improve community-led management of water resources in Uganda – Oscar McLaughlin, Francis Kazooba and Alan Terry
  • Abstraction reform and water security: the view from England and Wales – Chad Staddon
  • Sustainable drainage: overcoming the challenges to a more secure future – Wilhelmina Drayton