Madrid hosts OECD Water Governance Initiative meeting

Madrid On 27-28 April 2014 more than 100 delegates from around the world gathered in Madrid, Spain for the 3rd meeting of the OECD Water Governance Initiative. Participants discussed ongoing developments in the Global Water Agenda, exchanged information on water reforms in selected countries, and identified key policy messages and guidance. This was a key stepping stone towards not just globally-applicable OECD Indicators on Water Governance, but also towards the 7th World Water Forum, to be held in April 2015 in Daegu, South Korea. Video from the opening sessions is available on YouTube.

For the IWSN this was an important networking opportunity and also a chance to contribute towards the development of indicators, particularly in the areas of River Basin Management and Water Services Delivery and Transparency. Bob Varady (University of Arizona & AQUASEC) and Sharon Megdal (University of Arizona & Water Resources Research Centre) have been involved in early meetings that were part of this OECD process.