Water Security Network

Busani Masiri

Busani Masiri is a Doctoral Researcher with the Water Research Node at Monash South Africa. His research interests include environmental management, water quality security, water-related risk management and water governance. For his doctoral studies, Busani is looking at the role of green infrastructure (GI) towards urban resilience particularly the codification of GI standards into spatial planning and the interplay between policy and practice towards strengthening urban social-ecological resilience in the face of a changing climate. His studies are anchored within a developing country perspective, with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa.

Before embarking on his PhD, he obtained his MPhil in Integrated Water Management at Monash South Africa with a focus on the role of organisational nesting in risk sharing towards water security (thesis abstract). The research was a case study of the South African sugar industry. Busani’s undergraduate studies were in Applied Chemistry, and his interest in environmental management (water management in particular) can be traced to his time spent in the mining and metal processing industry within Southern Africa. His Doctoral studies will allow him to combine and apply his skills in the natural and social sciences.